Cake Decorating 101- The Shell

Piped Shell Borders Tutorial. Para el Blog en Español, Presione Aquí.

I love piping and through the years I have learned that piping gets better the more you practice. Of course, learning tips and tricks will be helpful, but let’s face it; piping is basically a form of writing. We went to school and spent many hours and years learning how to write. Why would people think it can be learned in one session?

I am not going to say that it’s not possible to learn it in one day. But it’s like school, some people will have an easier time learning and others will need more practice. But with some determination, anybody can learn to do it.

Piped shells are one of the most basic ways to finish a cake. I made a video tutorial that teaches step by step how to pipe shells. For those who are beginning to pipe, I went into more detail, making sure to explain what to do and not to do when piping them.

Just like those of you who are starting, I was a beginner once too. I know all the things I did wrong back then. These days I can explain well how things go wrong and how to avoid it. Knowing the tricks might help getting better at it faster, but practice is the only way to improve.

Click here for t the step by step video tutorial.

I hope you enjoy the Tutorial,
Until Next Blog, ta ta!



6 thoughts on “Cake Decorating 101- The Shell

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your techniques and recipes.I love your blog and web page. I have started using your white cake and buttercream and everyone loves them. I have just tried your strawberry cake and taste and moisture level were fantasic. I did have one problem and wondered if you may be able to help me figure out what I did wrong. The strawberries sunk to the bottom when I turned the cake out of the pan were all on the top and not through out the cake.. I used frozen strawberries in syrup could that be the reason the sunk?

  2. Hi Edna,

    thanks for everything you share. I was looking for your video on how to stack cakes, but when I bring up the video it tell me; ” video contains wmg and that is a reason I cannot see it in our country? Do you know what that means? is the video still available?

    I know this is not the place to ask a question, but I didn’t know where else to reach you : )

    • When I posted the video years ago I used music that I had in my computer. The company that owned the music was ok with the music at the beginning, but later they’ve seemed to changed their minds. So I have to change the music for it to be available. I might re-edit and re-post so everyone can see it.

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